Our Company

Hurst Hydraulics Inc. has been servicing the greater Houston and surrounding area, with expert hydraulic repair and manufacturing for the past 18 yrs.  We boast a staff with over 50 yrs. of combined hydraulic repair and manufacturing experience.

Our 24,800 square foot facility is designed for quality and efficient repairs of your hydraulic component. We offer a complete line of hydraulic repair, including cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, hydraulic systems and power units.  We stock all necessary material to machine barrels, pistons, rods, and glands. In addition to our repair capabilities, we also service today’s industries with Hurst custom hydraulic cylinders.  We can provide custom designs and complete all manufacturing duties necessary;  in fact we have manufactured in excess of 5000 custom hydraulic cylinders. (All remanufactured cylinders are tested on our 5,000 PSI test stand).

We have assembled some of the most experienced hydraulic pump mechanics in the greater Houston area to repair your hydraulic pumps and motors. We repair open and closed loop pumps and motors daily.  We also stock a large selection of Sundstrand pump products for exchange.  Either the older 20 Series or the new generation 90 Series, we have customers covered. Our experience also allows us to find the hard to locate or “obsolete” pump or motor.

We provide pick up and delivery of your component.  Our experienced staff will always provide you with fast, friendly, personalized service.