Cylinder Repair

From the smallest pneumatic cylinder to the largest industrial grade cylinder, Hurst offers the finest quality repair, and unmatched turn around rate.  We have four engine lathes that can accommodate most cylinder requirements up to 30″ od and 20′ long.

Our machine shop enables us to make minor and major machine repairs to cylinders, including manufacturing new chrome rods, barrels, pistons and glands. We carry a chrome rod inventory of the most common standard and metric sizes up to 5″.  This allows us to have the quickest repair turn-around in the area.

All cylinders go through a visual and dimensional inspection.  All dimensional information is logged onto an inspection report, as well are all visual and dimensional imperfections.  To ensure trueness, all rods are turned and indicated on either a lathe or our precision roller table.  Barrels are inspected for proper bore size, dents, wear, scratches, galling, and concentricity of sealing areas.  All sealing areas of the cylinder are dimensionally inspected with precision micrometers, measuring to 0.001″.  Seals are upgraded to ensure a longer cylinder life.

The sealing products used by Hurst Hydraulics, meet or exceed most OEM standards.  We ensure proper seal fit compression and wearability.  In cases of oversized and odd sized cylinders, we have seals designed and manufactured to fit your requirements.

Custom Cylinders

Hurst Hydraulics offers custom manufacturing to satisfy our customer’s ever-evolving hydraulic cylinder needs. From 1 to 1,000 we will design and manufacture to your specifications.  We can create most any style and size to fit your needs. Hurst can create a cylinder that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Manufactured Cylinders

Along with our in-house capabilities, Hurst Hydraulics has relationships with several of the nations largest cylinder manufacturers.  These companies carry an extensive inventory of cylinder sizes and styles.  In most cases, shipments are less than a week and overnight freight is possible.

Pump, Motor & Valves

Hurst Hydraulics provides hydraulic pump and motor repairs.  We repair all types of units.  We repair all major brands of open and closed loop pumps including: Sundstrand, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Denison, Vickers, Staffa, Dyna Power, Eaton, Poclain, Uchida, and many more.  Our warranty matches all brand specific manufactures warranties.